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    Enigma Pro - Android / iOS

    400 riddles (short, long, geek, ...) for you to compare yourself to your friends.


    More than 1000 years worth of word games and riddles for you. Enigma Pro is the app that has the most complete riddle selection: 400 riddles created and sorted into categories: short, long, maths, charades, counter-intuitive, anagrams or mixed. Whether you're a genius mathematician, a book worm, or a troll, there's always a category for you.


    Try to solve these riddles alone or with different teams, with or without hints. An excellent way to train your brain while having fun with your friends.


    Enigman challenges you, are you ready?


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    IQ Pro - Android / iOS

    Two calibrated and reliable tests to measure your intelligence.


    IQ Pro is the result of 6 months worth of work to develop an intelligence quotient test as precise as possible. It was calibrated on more than 2000 individuals and gives the most reliable measure possible based on the Raven matrices.


    Answer the 40 questions in the allocated time, without any help or any exterior disruptions to get your result. You'll then be able to share it with your friends and to compare it with them as well as with your favorite celebrities.


    It was created alongside a psychologist specialized in intelligence quotient tests.


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