• A video game development studio


    GAMeSPORT's purpose is to create a new gaming age by developing augmented reality games.


    What is important for us:

    strategy, multiplayer, and, above all, players' expectations.

  • Our project

    We noticed that mobile phone games are losing quality. The main actors are profit driven. The created games are offering less added-value than before. In 2017, we decided to create GAMeSPORT driven by a purpose beyond profit. The studio's mission is to develop innovative and original games. On another hand, we want to give a chance to small developers, who want to publish their games. We will provide them with advice and we will publish their games by sharing the benefits of the games fairly.

    Our independence

    Our games are developed by small teams without significant financial support. For this reason, we aim to create and publish games that truly offer additional value. Our ambition is to become an international reference known for innovation.

  • Do you want to test a pre-released game? Do you want us to help you publish a game?

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    6 rue de Musset
    75016 PARIS
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